Relocating to a new home or even a new city can be daunting. There is an endless list of tasks involved in preparing to move out of your current residence and another long list of projects to get the new home ready. Carefree Concierge can help you with both, managing all aspects of the move from beginning to end.

Preparing to Sell

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Painting
  • House cleaning
  • Flooring installation
  • Minor/major repairs
  • Staging
  • Updating fixtures
  • Window cleaning


  • Moving and storage (full-service and DIY)
  • Lighting and ceiling fan removal and storage
  • Short-term housing (furnished or unfurnished)
  • Equipment break-down, storage and re-connect (TVs, surround sound, computers, printers, scanners, wireless, etc.)
  • Third-party home inspection
  • Window covering removal and storage

Utility/Service Providers

  • Gas (all public and private)
  • Electric (all public and private)
  • Water (all public and private)
  • Phone (all public, private and internet)
  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • Trash (all public and private)

The Big Day

  • Moving and storage (full-service and DIY)
  • Handyman and furniture assembly
  • Home entertainment set-up (surround sound, TV, DVD, components)
  • Security systems and safes (monitoring, devices, etc.)
  • Garbage and junk removal

Creating a Home

  • Cabinetry
  • Door/Cabinet hardware
  • Closet organization/design
  • Garage organizers (shelving, floor coatings, finish-out)
  • Custom furniture
  • Custom paint (murals, faux finishes)
  • Home entertainment (TV/component set-up, home theater, pool tables)
  • Interior designers (custom and re-design)
  • Lighting
  • Stained/scored concrete
  • UV-protective window film installation
  • Window coverings (blinds, curtains, etc.)

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