Carefree Concierge Terms of Use

Carefree Concierge is a free referral service offered exclusively by Carefree Concierge L.L.C. of Austin, Texas. Carefree Concierge LLC makes no claims regarding any referred parties or businesses that are not stated in this disclosure or in writing and available for review upon request.

Carefree Concierge LLC has specific requirements that are stringently reviewed before a vendor or service provider is referred. It is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer to satisfy their acceptance of the abilities of services offered by any vendor or provider referred by Carefree Concierge LLC.

Carefree Concierge reserves the right to discontinue use of or referral of ANY vendor or provider at their sole discretion.

Carefree Concierge reserves the right to amend, make exceptions to, or change any policies regarding the basic requirements from their vendors or service providers at any time without notice



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